Welcome to Daping Hospital and the Research Institute of Surgery of the Third Military Medical University, a famous comprehensive medical center.
   Our hospital and institute are located in Chongqing, a large and modern municipality in China, overlooking both Chanqjiang (Yangtze) River and Jialing River, with the majestic Fotu fortress close by. The hospital and institute has a prestigious reputation as the only medical and research combine in the People¨s Liberation Army of China to provide not only medical treatment but also education, research, health care, and disease prevention.
   Many outstanding scientists from around the world work in over 10 national key disciplines and one national key laboratory in the hospital. We also collaborate with numerous universities and institutes in China and abroad.
   We aim to achieve first-class in management, medical care, medical technology, and medical research, creating the best environment to provide the best service for both military personnel and civilians.
   We will always be sincere, trusty, and pleasant to collaborate with.

Biograph 64-type pet/CT
The hall of
inpatient building
Philips brilliance iCT
Environment of hospital
NMR-imaging system
Outpatient building
IGRT medical
linear accelerator
Hydrotherapeutic centre
Lightspeed 64
slice volume CT
Whole-body gamma knife
General ward
VIP ward
Neonatal intensive
care unit
Patients-riding vehicle
Nurse station
Inpatient building

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