Cheng-ming Yang°°
Professor, Chief Physician,postgraduate tutor, the candidate of Chongqing academic leader,has visited universities in Gemany,Japana and studied there. He has been engaged in Cardiovascular clinic,teaching and researching for more than 25 years,has much experience in cardiovascular emergency, hypertension, coronary heart disease, Arrhythmia and heart failure.He has been carring out ten new technologies and has more than 1000 operations in one year.He has instructed 12 postgratuates,has published more than 60 papers both in china and abroad. Has got second prize of the Military Medical Outcome Award and second prize of Chongqing Scientific and Technological Progress Award. He is chief editor of one academic monograph, editor of one academic book, and has got nine projects of different levels especially National Natural Science foundation of China. He is member of branch of Heart Electrophysiology and Pacing Branch of Chinese Medical Association, Cardiovascular Special Committee of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, the Military and the Chongqing Committee of Cardiovascular, Chongqing Committee of Rheumatism.and Executive director of Chongqing Institute of Biomedical Engineering. He is Editor of Chongqing Medicine and Third Military Medical University magazine.


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