Jian Ye
Director, Professor, Chief Physician, MD & PhD, graduate student tutor Chongqing ophthalmology academic and technology leaders, the young member of the eighth Chinese Medical Association Ophthalmic Society of the Chinese ,the committee of Medical Association Ophthalmic Society of Cataract study group, deputy director of vision rehabilitation professionals the Chongqing Municipal Committee, member of Chongqing Medical Association Ophthalmic special committee .part-time the editorial of Chinese Journal of English and other four kinds of trauma magazines, reviewers of five kinds of Chinese Medical Journal. Specializes in cataract, glaucoma, corneal diagnosis and treatment, especially in cataract surgery and phakic intraocular lens implantation for high myopia has accumulated a wealth of experience, till now has completed three thousand cases of various kinds of operations°£In the past five years eight projects has been granted including the National Natural Science Foundation, the National "973" project sub-topics, More than 70 academic articles published, edited in six monographs. Culture 9 Ph.Ds and 20 masters, has been granted the Military Medical Achievement Award for four times , one Teaching Achievement Award Third Military Medical University, was named "Top Ten young teachers.". Went to Tibet, the Grand Living Buddha of Tibetan compatriots, and more than 120 accept the cataract operation by Jian Ye director. He was named the national team medical model.


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