Shao-zhang Liu””
Shaozhang Liu, Professor and Chief physician of Ophthalmology; Supervisors of Master's Degree Programs; member of ophthalmic pathology committee, academy of ophthalmology in Chinese Medical Association; member of the Handicapped professional committee in Chongqing Association of Rehabilitation for the Handicapped; the special reader for ”°chinese journal of ocular fundus diseases”±, ”°Acta Academiae Medicinae Militaris Tertiae”±, ”°Journal of trauma surgery”±. Dr. Liu has engaged in diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmology, education for undergraduate or residence and scientific research for 34 years. She specialized in diagnosis and treatment for Vitreo-Retinal diseases, clinical diagnosis for Ophthalmological pathology. She also has engaged in fundamental research in field ophthalmological trauma. She obtained the state patent of utility model due to design ”°portable eye rinser”±. She gained a general program of Chinese National Natural Science Foundation, two subjects of Chongqing Municipal Applied Fundamental Research Fund, and a subject of institution research. Up to now, she published more than 30 dissertations in academic journals in her professional field, and participated in editing 6 monographs. She has received many awards, including honors from the military, Chongqing government, and the third military medical university


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