Lin Xie¡¡
Lin Xie, MD & PHD. Mentor for postgraduate. Co-director of ophthalmology department. Email address: Dr. Xie is a professor of ophthalmology at DaPing hospital of the third military medical university in China. She is served as a young member of the Tenth Chinese Medical Association Ophthalmic Society of the Chinese and a specialist membership of Chinese Glaucoma Association. Also she is served as a membership of ChongQing Academy of ophthalmology. Dr. Xie completed Doctor of Medicine in ChongQing medical university, completed her Master Science Degree, Doctor Philosophiae Degree and residence experience at the third military medical university. During 2007-2009, she went to Wills Eye Institute and University California, San Diego (UCSD) in America being a visiting scholar, and was honored with ¡°the outstanding research certification¡± in bioengineering department of UCSD. Dr. Xie services for glaucoma, cataract and neuro-ophthalmology patients, especially focusing on complicated glaucoma or cataract blindness diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Xie is a Principal Investigator of National Natural Science Foundation or Science and Technology Foundation of ChongQing Government, ongoing study of anti-bleb scarring post-filtration surgery, protection research for glaucomatous optical nerve damage, and evaluation the appearance and functioning of the primary angle-closure glaucoma optic nerve. Up to now, she has more than 30 scientific publications. Dr. Xie has received many awards, including honors from the military, Chongqing government, and the third military medical university. She is authorized two patents in China and has two book chapters of ¡°disaster medicine in eye diseases¡±. She also has trained many residences and fellowships in glaucoma and cataract, many of them are from south ¨Cwest of China.


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