Ji Bai
E-mail1:baiji@dphospital.tmmu.edu.cn E-mail2:baiji@dphospital.tmmu.edu.cn
Associate Professor, Deputy Chief Physician, Master of Medicine。Current the member of Chinese Medical Association Ophthalmic Branch of optometry. member of the Chinese Medical Association Ophthalmic Branch of keratopathy study group, Committee of Laser Branch of Chinese Medical Association Ophthalmic Group、China Branch of the Optical Society of bio-optical National Commission of Chongqing, vice chairman of Optometry。Engaged in ophthalmology clinical, teaching, research for nearly 30 yearsHave a solid foundation in ophthalmology and optometry,Especially in corneal refractive surgery andPrevention and control of juvenile myopia in there is a wealth of clinical experience。Refractive surgery carried out more than 10 years And conducted a number of related meetings at home and abroad the exchange of the General Assembly. In 2001 the first time completed the human get military science and technology progress second Prize for one time。In 2004 won the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award for a second time


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