Rong-di Yuan””
Associate professor, Master of Medical Science. Prof Yuan has devoted in ophthalmologic medical treatment, teaching and scientific research 16 years, as a clinician and surgeon for Vitreo-retinal diseases. Prof. Yuan has profused surgery experience in proliferative diabetic maculopathy, traumatic retinal detachment, suppurative endophthalmitis, closed retinal detachment etc. Prof. Yuan Carried out laser therapy to treat ocular fundus diseases, after cataract, glaucoma in Chongqing as well as selective laser trabeculoplasty(LTP) in South-west region in advance. The item ”°selective laser trabeculoplasty(LTP) to treat open angle glaucoma”± which Prof. Yuan taked charge of was appraised to be advanced in armed forces. Prof. Yuan was awarded by the third divisions in medical treatment achievement in armed forces. Prof. Yuan has presided 1 item of Chongqing natural science fund and 1 item of the Third Military Medical University. She now has published more than 20 articles.


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