Feel the Bashan beautiful autumn scenery¡¡Enjoy the annual greatest digestive feast---- The national congress of gastroenterology was successfully convened hosted by our department of Gastroenterology

The 14th Congress of Gastroenterology China, CGC 2014 hosted by the Department of Gastroenterology of Daping Hospital was held in Yuelai convention center on October 31, 2014 to November 2 in Chongqing. More than 5000 digestion fellows from all over the country attended the meeting.
The meeting was conducted by professor Dongfeng Chen, the Standing Committee member of Chinese Medical Association Digestion Branch Committee, the director of the chair committee member in Chongqing branch and the director of the department of Gastroenterology. There are one main venue and 19 parallel sessions in this meeting. We specially invited EL-omar, the editor of Gut (The top British digestive magazine, IF=13.319), Kenneth Wang, the chairman of the American Society of Gastroenterology Endoscopy (ASGE) and some other foreign well-known experts to attend this meeting. Including academician Dai-ming fan, the domestic famous leader of Gastroenterology and a total of 250 experts in different fields such as gastroenterology, hepatobiliary surgery, nutrition, epidemiology, pediatric and so on, delivered excellent speech in this meeting. There are more than 400 experts presiding over the whole meeting and comment on every speech. The speeches covered all over the fields in gastroenterology, digestive intervention, absorb nutrition, liver disease, pancreas disease, intestinal microecological, functional gastrointestinal disease, IBD, infantile to digest new progress of epidemiology and so on. This meeting brings us the rich content, splendid speech, and strong academic atmosphere. It also shows us the highest level of academic event in Gastroenterology.
Professor Dong-feng Chen, the conference executive chairman tried his best to hold this meeting. He organized a meeting supporting team of 186 people from 15 hospitals in Chongqing. He exquisitely prepared ¡®six projects¡¯ tribute to the general meeting. Included: a book of ¡®The quintessence digestive cases in Chongqing¡¯. A magazine of ¡®Chongqing medicine special issue of digestion¡¯. A picture book of ¡®the elegant demeanour of the department of gastroenterology in 15 hospitals in Chongqing¡¯. A special performance of ¡®Special cases discussion in Chongqing¡¯. A MV of ¡®Welcome to Chongqing¡¯ wrote by professor Dongfeng Chen. An instant information paper of the meeting(all 20 versions). This series meticulously preparation got deep impression and high praise of all more than 5000 delegates attending the meeting.
This congress also created "ten most" all over the national gastroenterology academic convention. The attendance at most, the scale at largest, the outstanding innovation at most, the venue at most, the academic frontiers at most, the content concentrated at most, the interdisciplinarity at most, the smoothly running at most, the insurance at strongest, the response at best. Professor Yun-sheng Yang£¬the director of the committee members of Digestive disease branch of Chinese Medical Association praised that£¬this conference is one of the most successful digest academic conference£¬it brings a plenty of new records for the congress of gastroenterology China.
The congress made all the national digestive colleagues cheek by jowl together, showed the wonderful elegant demeanour of Chongqing Gastroenterology, improved the position of our department of gastroenterology in the domestic digestive fields. The success of this congress, will certainly play a great role in promoting the development of gastroenterology in our country.


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