2014 Chongqing international neurology nursing forum was successfully held
  On November 22, 2014, the ”°2014 Chongqing international neurology nursing forum”±, sponsored by the Third Military Medical University, Chongqing medical association, undertaken by Daping hospital, the Third Military Medical University, was successfully held at the academic hall of the first classroom building in the Third Military Medical University.
Both renowned experts at home and abroad from Canadian health services accreditation committee, School of Nursing of the Third Military Medical University, Beijing Hospital of China Health Ministry, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Sat-sen University, the First Affiliated Hospital of Bengbu Medical College and so on were invited for academic lecturing.
At this neurology nursing forum, director of Department of nursing administration, Daping hospital, the Third Military Medical University, Pro. Zeng Dengfen presided over the meeting; Pro. Marilyn Kaplow, Pro. Zhu Jingci and Pro. Zhao Hexin and other experts made wonderful reports. This neurology nursing forum benefited every attendee enormously with rich content including hospital management mode of Canada, career planning of nursing professional, nursing management of elderly patients after intervention in Japan, nursing management of critically neurological patients, green channel of thrombolysis for patients with ischemic stroke, nursing safety management of neurosurgery intensive care unit, etc. All the attendees not only learned about the hospital management mode abroad and the developing tendency of aged care and had been more clear about how to plan their career goals, but also mastered the development of specialized nursing.
This nursing forum provided a good learning and communication platform for clinical nursing staff. During this forum, the speakers were of high academic level and the attendees were with strong interest. They further discussed the  progress of neurology nursing in depth, which plays a critical role in promoting the development of neurology nursing.


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