The group of professor Yan-Jiang Wang published papers in ¡¶PNAS¡· and ¡¶Molecular Psychiatry¡·

Recently, the research group of professor Yan-Jiang Wang from department of neurology, Daping Hospital, published their original findings in journals of PNAS (IF=9.8) and Molecular Psychiatry (IF=15.1).

Alzheimer¡¯s disease (AD) is a common neurodegenerative disorders among the elderly and no therapeutics is currently available to halt or reverse progression of the disease. Professor Yan-Jiang Wang and his group have been focusing their study interest in screening novel therapeutic targets or drugs for AD. They found out in mouse models of AD that Edaravone, clinically used for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke, was effective in the prevention and treatment of AD through clearance of amyloid-beta (A¦Â), which is the core pathogenic substance in AD. This study was accepted for publication in PNAS recently. Besides, Professor Wang¡¯s group has identified that the ectodomain of P75 neurotrophic receptor (P75NTR) is a physical protective molecule against AD and have therapeutic potentials by targeting multiple aspects of AD pathogenesis. This study was accepted for publication in Molecular Psychiatry.

Professor Wang¡¯s group collaborated with professor Xin-Fu Zhou from University of South Australia on these two studies. Dr. Xiu-Qing Yao, Shu-Sheng Jiao and Yu-Hui Liu and researchers from Australia shared the first-authorship in the two papers.

1.Jiao SS#, Yao XQ#, Liu YH#, Wang QH, Zeng F, Lu JJ, Liu J, Zhu C, Shen LL, Liu CH, Wang YR, Zeng GH, Parikh A, Chen J, Liang CR, Xiang Y, Bu XL, Deng J, Li J, Xu J, Zeng YQ, Xu X, Xu HW, Zhong JH, Zhou HD, Zhou XF*, Wang YJ*. Edaravone alleviates Alzheimer¡¯s disease-type pathologies and cognitive deficits. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2015 in press.
2.2. Yao XQ#, Jiao SS#, Saadipour K#, Zeng F, Wang QH, Zhu C, Shen LL, Zeng GH, Liang CR, Wang J, Liu YH, Hou HY, Xu X, Su Y, Fan XT, Xiao HL, Lue L, Zeng YQ, Giunta B, Zhong JH, Walker D, Zhou HD, Tan J, Zhou XF*, Wang YJ*. p75NTR ectodomain is a physiological neuroprotective molecule against amyloid-beta toxicity in the brain of Alzheimer¡¯s disease. Molecular Psychiatry 2015 accepted.


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