Steven Robert Houser
Dr. Steven R. Houser, professor, director of Cardiovascular Research Center, the chair of Department of Physiology, Senior Associate Dean of Research of Temple University School of Medicine, USA. He is also the associated dean of research of Temple University School of Medicine. He is an internationally renowned scientist and made significant contribution on the research of mechanism of heart failure and stem cell therapy for cardiac repair. He is Fellow of American Heart Association (FAHA), the predecessor president of American Heart Association (AHA) council of Basic Cardiovascular Research, and the winner of NIH ”°MERIT”± award.
Dr. Steven R. HouserӮs interests of research is 1) the processes that maintain the electrical and contractile properties of the normal heart and the defects in these processes that lead to electrical instability (arrhythmias and sudden death) and poor cardiac pump performance congestive heart failure). 2) activation of Ca2+ dependent signaling pathways (mainly through CAMKII) regulate Ca2+ handling proteins in diseased myocytes. 3) Identified cardiac stem/progenitor cells in feline and human hearts and plan for a rapid expansion of this novel (and controversial) area.
Dr. Houser has published over 200 scientific articles in prestigious journals including Circulation, Circulation Research”¢JCI, American Journal of Physiology . He is a member of the editorial board of several scientific publications, including Science£¬Circulation£¬Circulation Research, JCI. Dr. Houser has administered more than $ 9 million in grants from NIH and American Heart Association .


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