Mailbox of the president

A public letter to our patients

Honored patients and friends:
   The Daping Hospital & Research Institute of Third Military Medical University(TMMU) sets up this website with an aim to give better, prompter and more considerable, more profound health services to you and your family in the new century.
   The development of Daping Hospital depends on the support of you and the whole society. As one of the best comprehensive military hospitals in Chongqing, we will bear in mind the spirit of the PLA, which is to serve people heart and soul.
   To improve medical technology and medical service quality, and enhance construction and monitoring of professional ethics, the mailbox of the president of the hospital has been set up for you. We sincerely welcome your complaint, criticism and advice. The initial intention of the mailbox is: ^Share your satisfaction with your friends and send your displeasure to the president of the hospital. ̄ We hope it grows as a tie and a bridge to strengthen the good relationship between medical staff and the patients.
   Driven by our commitment to patient-centered care, we are making a very real difference in improving the lives of the more than a million patients we serve each year.  
   Let¨s work together to help you and your family back to healthy lives. We hope all our patients and friends retain a cheerful mind and recover soon!
   Mail address of the president:
   Phone number of the president¨s office: 023-68757245
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