Medical Education

  Our hospital& institute is also known as the Third Clinical Medical College of the Third Military Medical University. Our teaching programs cover clinical medicine, preventive medicine, laboratory medicine, pathologic diagnosis, medical imageology and nursing fields. About 1,100 undergraduates and postgraduates are trained each year. We have gained more than 17 education prizes awarded by the PLA and Chongqing Municipal City so far. The Surgery & Field Surgery has been appointed as national excellent course for medical students by the Ministry of Education. We have also edited 4 medical textbooks for national ^11th Five-Year Plan ̄. Three students have won the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award, and 7 postgraduates¨ dissertations were awarded in Chongqing Municipal City.

   There are 15 departments, 21 subjects and 5 assistant departments, which undertake clinical teaching all the year round and offer 14 required courses and 4 selected courses. Professors and associate professors take charge of at least 80% of these courses. The senior physicians or lecturers take charge of all clinical practices of the residents.

   There are 110 supervisors in our college, among whom 43 professors are authorized as supervisors for doctoral candidates and 67 professors for postgraduate students. About 200 graduates and doctoral candidates are conferred degree in our institute each year.

   Meanwhile, lots of physicians from primary hospitals, clinics and even some comprehensive hospitals receive standard training in our institute every year for promoting their clinical skills, especially on sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic care, such as trauma and emergency aid, health reproduction, etc.

   We have established an internet teaching system and a training center for clinical-skill training and self study. In addition, the accommodation, model audiovisual classrooms and recreational center can satisfy the needs of students.

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