Lecture Announcement
    Professor Wang Dan from Georgetown University of USA, and Professor Tuo Jing from NIH invited by Professor Chunyu Zeng in Department of Cardiology of our hospital will give us excellent lectures on Dec. 18.
  Welcome to join us!
  Time: 4:00 Pm, Dec. 18, 2009
  Location: 14 Floor, Academic Hall
  1.Thromboxane-Prostanoid Receptors Mediate Enhanced Contractility of resistance vessels in Angiotensin-Induced Hypertension: Role of Oxidative Stress
  lecturer: Professor Wang Dan
  2. From Genetic Epidemiological Study to Drug Sreening for Age Related Macular Degeneration.
  3. General Consideration of Data Presentation and Statistical Analysis
  Lecturer: Tuo Jing Health Fellow


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