2010 Chongqing International Symposium of Oncology and Translational Cancer Research (and Celebration of Daping Cancer Hospital)
  ”°The 2010 International Symposium of Oncology and Translational Cancer Research Chongqing China (and Celebration of Daping Cancer Hospital)”± which will be held from 12nd to 14th  November, 2010 in Daping Hospital and Institute of Surgery Research, Third Military Medical University, Chongqing, China. The purpose of this congress is to further promote the translational medicine of basic tumor research to its clinical application, improve the level of multidisciplinary tumor treatment through multi-subject exchange and cooperation. We have invited academicians£¬Prof.Daiming Fan(·®“śĆ÷),Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering£¬Prof. Huanming Yang(Ńī»ĄĆ÷), Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences,and 20 world-class experts, and domestic famous professors in the field of Oncology to give their wonderful presentations during the conference and have planned a rich program with unique development of diagnosis and treatment of tumors. We would like to invite you to Chongqing, the beatiful moutain city, to enjoy this conference.

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