Getting There
   Leading Temple Station (Chongqing North Railway Station): Take bus No. 818, 138, 421 and drop at Xiao-Jia-Wan station.
   Cai-Yuan-Ba Railway Station, bus station: Take Bus 819 to Xiao-Jia-Wan station; or take the escalator to Crowne Plaza Liang-Lu-Kou, transfer bus No.411, 402, 403, 462, 815, 871, 818 to Xiao-Jia-Wan station.
   Sha-Ping-Ba Railway Station: Take Bus No.418, 875 to Xiao-Jia-Wan station.
   Chen-Jia-Ping Coach Station: Take No.139 bus and drop at Daping Hospital; or take No.138, 421, 109, 263, 118, 466 bus and drop at Xiao-Jia-Wan station.
   Chao-Tian-Men Coach Station: Take bus No.466, 224, 418, 268, 702, 703 to Xiao-Jia-Wan Station .
   Airport: Take the airport shuttle bus, drop at terminal station Shang-Qing-Si, then transfer bus No.411, 818, 815 to Xiao-Jia-Wan Station.
   Taxi: If you take taxi anywhere in Chongqing you will be easy to get to our hospital because any taxi driver would know where we are.

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