Department of Cardiovascular Disease

  Cardiac cascelum internal medicine was founded in 1962 and is focal discipline of institutions of higher education. It is also an authorized institution to confer doctorate and a base of intervention treatment training of coronary heart disease, arrhythmia as well as a base for heart disease medicine experiment. It has ward, function testing center, interventional diagnosis and treatment center, intensive care unit, and vascular diseases research center etc. We uphold the principle of winning high quality and speciality There are 6 professors and vice professor, more than resident physicians and other staff. It has installed medical equipment worth over 30 million yuan RMB. This institute is responsible for diagnosing, treating and rescuing patient suffering from cadiovascular diseases, and providing medi-care for  important people in and outside the army. There are more than 50 thousand cases of visiting and inpatients annually. We take on 20 science research projects from states, military and Chongqing, won second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, and three second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award, edited more than 10 professional monographs dominantly, has published more than 400 papers at china and abroad including more than 40 SCI papers. There are executive directors of more than 30 academic groups and medical journal. We have a wide range of academic exchanges and contacts with peers at home and abroad. We have invited Dr.Pedro A.Jose and Dr. Mustafa F. Lokhandwala come and lecture to us. Our department has been rewarded the advanced department  in medical ethics, and honored by Collective Merit of third.

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