Department of Neurosurgery

      Department of Neurosurgery in Daping Hospital/Research Institute of Surgery, established in 1960s, is one of leading clinical, teaching and research facilities for Neuro-Oncology, Neurovascular Disease and severe brain injury in southwest China. We established the first Gamma knife Center in Chongqing in 1997. Our department performs 1100 conventional neurosurgical operations and 1000 cases of Gamma knife operations annually. We treat 300 patients with severe trigeminal neuralgia from all over country each year. Up to date, with the funds supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China and National Key Basic Research Program (973) Project, we win one Army award in Progress for Science and Technology, and published more than 200 scientific articles and 2 academic textbooks. The director, Professor Xu Min-hui leads the dedicated team composed of 3 professors, 4 associated professors and more than 70 medical staff working together to provide satisfactory medical care to our patients and their families.

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