Center of Trauma

    The department of trauma of Daping Hospital, which was founded in 1985, was approved as the Center of War Trauma of PLA in 1995 and developed to be a specialized hospital of trauma in 2006. Now, it consists of Division of Trauma, Division of Intensive Care Unit, Division of First-aid Medicine and Emergency, Division of Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy, and Division of Basic Research Application of Trauma. It also establishes a trauma rescue network consisting of 37 local hospitals, under which the department can direct the therapy of severe trauma and critical care patients in local hospitals. The department of trauma consists of 57 staff members, including 3 members with post-doctoral degree, 8 members with doctoral degree, 5 professors, 9 associate professors, 4 doctoral supervisors and 2 master supervisors. Daping hospital initially establishes the department of trauma in China, which is one of the best hospitals in multiple trauma treatment.
    By persistent efforts of discipline leaders and all the staffs, the department has developed its own unique characteristics and made notable achievements in many clinical fields including the treatment of severe multiple trauma, intensive care of severe trauma, severe bone and joint injury, repair of complicated wound, sports-related injury prevention and rehabilitation, treatment of bone joint and muscle tissue infections and treatment of limb vascular injury Daping hospital initially establishes the department of trauma in China, receives about 23,300 outpatients and treats more than 3000 inpatients annually.
  The department is also active in basic and clinical research. It has undertaken 21 national and PLA¨s research tasks and the total research funding exceed 20 million RMB Yuan. Our department has achieved 5 second-prize military medical awards and 7 national patents.

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