Center of Tumor

  Oncology department of Daping hospital was established on April, 1994. Cancer center was set up formally on July, 2003. It includes five units: patient¨s rooms , oncology radiation therapy center, whole body gamma-knife center, neutron-knife center and central laboratory. It is the subject that can grant Master degree of pathology, oncology, and Dr. degree of oncology. It is also National drug-clinical-research-base (oncology), Key discipline of Oncology radiation therapy and Cervical cancer prevention and cure institutes of Chongqing city, Key laboratory of the Third Military Medical University, and Leadership unit of lung cancer diagnose and treat center of Daping hospital. There are more than 130 various kinds of specialty technologists including of 12 people who have senior professional titles, 18 people who have intermediate professional titles, 9 people won Dr. degree, and 12 people won Master degree in oncology center of Daping hospital. Equipped completely entire-digitalization linear accelerator, conformal and intensity modulation radiated therapy, Californium-252 neutron afterloading and whole body γ-knife therapeutic system were possessed in cancer center. Total value of all equipments is more than 80 million yuan. There are many advanced instrumentations which are necessary to carry out molecular oncology study, more than 20 researching items, and 3 million yuan scientific research funds in oncology center lab.Multitude monographs including ^Neoplasm Emergency Therapeutics ̄ and ^Californium Neutron Therapeutics ̄ are compiled in Oncology center of Daping hospital, more than 10 papers  were published in international famous journals such as ^Mol Cancer Therapy ̄, ^JBC ̄ and so on, and Oncology center of Daping hospital  gained 8 Military and Province-Ministry class science-technology progress or medicine achievement rewards.
  Oncology center of Daping hospital, all health care workers carry out the service aim that is ^patient is core, center for patient ̄. They practice therapeutic principle ^Standardization, Systematization and Individualization ̄, provide wholeheartedly high-performance and high- quality service for all patient, struggle industriously for moving forward to overcome cancer.

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