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About the Department
  Dermatology and Venereology Department, Daping Hospital, has a proud history at Third Military Medical University, dating back to 1953, making it one of the oldest departments in the hospital. Among its distinguished chiefs are Professor Yu Ning, who was the pioneers of Chinese dermatology and a well known returnnes professor from Germany, Professor Rongqing Liu, who further developed the department to a traditional strengths subjects. After more than 50 years of development, Department of Dermatology has become a set of medical treatment, teaching and research as one of the key departments in Third Military Medical University.
Big events:
  1959, formally established ; 1988, in-patient department built; 1992, to become research master¨s degree authorizing subjects; Since 1996, outpatients have been increasing year by year; 1999, basic research laboratory of department was established; 2001, developed to wound healing and tissue engineering research institute of Chongqing; 2004, PhD authorizing subjects, key department of the hospital; 2007, became the tissue engineering skin research center of Chongqing.
  The department consists of four part, including dermatology, Venereology, cosmetic laser center and tissue engineering skin research center. The department has venereal disease laboratory, fungi identification laboratory, pathology room, immunology room, phototherapy room, laser room, isotope therapy rooms, physical therapy room, operating room. Our specialists are recognized in the treatment of the following dermatologic diseases and disorders: connective tissue diseases (especially Systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE), blistering diseases, Hair disorder, Moles and nevi, Ota, chloasma, vitiligo, psoriasis, hemangioma, skin cosmetic surgery, skin ulcer, keloids, venereal disease, skin cancer, fungal skin diseases, skin pathology, wounds healing.
  Our research interest focuses on the study of composite chitosan tissue-engineered skin, hair follicle, sweat gland and wound healing. These subjects have got the supports of four `national 863 project¨, 10 ¨national natural science foundation¨ and company-sponsored foundation. The research funding is up to 5 million RMB in total. In recent years, increased the study of skin infections and photodynamic technology, pathogenesis of urticaria, pathogenesis.

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