Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Department
  I. Overview
  The department of TCM is a first class clinical department founded in early 1960s. The Department boasts eight staff members including one professor, one associate professor, two residents and one attending. Professor Dai Yuguang, a famous Chongqing veteran TCM doctor, associate professor Xie Peiyuan (student of Zhang Xijun) and professor Yang Guohan (a medical doctor and graduate tutor) are famous TCM doctors.
  Since its establishment, the staff have published 165 papers, chiefly compiled and participated in the compilation of 10 medical monographs about medicine in recent 10 years, and finished 4 research project.
  The department is undertaking the 5-year teaching program for clinic medicine students, centering its clinic and TCM acupuncture treatment room, and assisting TCM consultation of every department, with average daily outpatients of 100 cases and annual outpatients of around 25,000 cases.
  The department is mainly engaged in clinical treatment with integration of Chinese and western medicine. Through the efforts from several generations, the doctors have got much experience in diagnosis and treatment, teaching and research of common diseases and constant diseases in the TCM internal medicine, TCM Gynecology and TCM Pediatrics. The TCM Gynecology mainly treats irregular menstruation, infertility, menopausal syndrome, benign tumor in breast and pelvic, facial skin pigmentation of women, etc. The TCM internal medicine mainly deals with chronic hepatobilary diseases, chronic gastrointestinal diseases and Geriatrics diseases caused by their physique recession, such as constipation. The TCM pediatrics is mainly engaged in infant anorexia, urgent and chronic nephritis, fever, cough, etc. The TCM acupuncture works on any pains, sequel of apoplexy, TCM medical application and auxiliary TCM treatment for all kinds of tumors. Professors cooperate with other doctors to take charge of clinic, teaching and research work. In recent years, the Department has formed its remarkable features and advantages in the treatment of chronic liver disease, chronic colonitis, spleen stomach disease and diseases of old people.

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