Department of Emergency Medicine

  Department of Emergency was founded in 1956, which is developed into the specialized hospital of trauma, with Division of Trauma, Division of Intensive Care Unit, Division of Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy, and Applied Basic Research in 2001. Now, it consists of emergency -surgery, emergency medicine, gastro-intestinal clinic, fever clinic. It has 35 beds and three ambulances equipped with first-aid equipment, including defibrillators, ventilators, ECG monitors and other equipment. It provides service of pre-hospital emergency and severe trauma, especially severe traumacardio-cerebral vascular diseases and green-channel task. Department of Emergency has two professors. Our team is highly skilled in the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of pre-hospital first aidmultiple injuries and severity trauma. The department is carrying out lots of research projects, including one branch of Chinese 973 Project, PLA Technology Supporting Project, et al. We also won three Military¨ Science and Technology Progress Award and Military Medical Achievement Award, Teaching Achievement Award.

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