Department of Laboratory Medicine

  Founded in 1960, our department is a comprehensive laboratory combined of medical treatment, teaching and scientific research. It became a subject of master degree awarding for clinical laboratory diagnostics in 1996. By several decades¨ effort, our department develops a lot and becomes stronger and stronger. The standardization of laboratory management lists as the first class in the hospitals of military and Chongqing. Our laboratory got the accreditation certificate by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment, according to the ISO15189 International standards on Mar. 2009 (No. CNAS MT0035). It is the 3rd certificate in PLA hospital and the 35th in China. Also our clinical gene amplification laboratory got the certificate from National Center for Clinical Laboratory (NCCL), Ministry of Health in 2004 (No. 00336). And we got ^Chongqing Nosocomial Infection Control Center ̄ and ^Chongqing Clinical Hematology & Osology Standardization Management Demonstration Laboratory ̄.
  The laboratory has 55 staff, including 2 senior professional titles, 4 subsidiary senior professional titles, 1 post doctor, 5 doctors, 1 supervisor of master, 1 Chongqing Key Talent ^322 ̄ Project second layer person selected, and 1 educational silver award winner of military university. There are 122 papers published these years including 8 SCI papers, 13 books were edited and co-edited. Altogether we have got 1 first grade award of technologic invention in Chongqing City, 2 second grade awards of scientific and technologic advancement in PLA, and 7 third grade awards of military medical fruit achievement and the third grade awards of scientific and technologic advancement. Also we have got 4 third grade awards of military teaching fruit and the third grade awards of excellent audiovisuals and excellent network courses. The laboratory was responsible for 20 items of research foundation in all including national 863 program, national natural science foundation of China, Chongqing and military science foundations. And 9 staff holds the vice director committeeman and committeeman of Chinese Society of Laboratory Medicine, Military Society of Laboratory Medicine, Nosocomial Infection Committee, etc. And there are 4 editors and special editors invited by Chinese Medical Journal, Chinese Journal of Laboratory Medicine, Chinese Journal of Nosocomiology, Letters in Biotechnology, and so on.
  We have 7 divisions including Clinical Immunology Analysis Unit, Clinical Hematology & Osology Analysis Unit, Clinical Biochemistry Analysis Unit, Clinical Microbiology Laboratory, Clinical Molecular Biology Laboratory, Center of Nosocomial Infection Control, and Outpatient Laboratory. It owns working area of 2200m2and many precision instruments worthy of about RMB30,000,000, including automatic biochemical instrument, automatic immunological analyzer, flow cytometry, microbes culture and identification drug sensibility system, automatic coagulation system, electrochemistry irradiance detector, atom absorption spectrometer, automatic gel electrophoresis scanner, automatic fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument, gene sequencer, etc. The department participates 185 EQA projects totally organized by the organizations such as CAP, NCCL, and Chongqing Center for Clinical Laboratory. The advanced equipments and technologies have been utilized to carry out 450 regular and special items approximately, such as auto-immunological diseases, organ transplantation, monitor for medicine, drug-resistant analysis for tumor chemical therapy, early injury of liver and renal function, neural diseases, and early diagnosis for pathogenic microbes and genetic diseases, etc.   


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