Department of Pharmacy

  Pharmacy section is mainly responsible for hospital-wide drug supply management, rational administration monitoring, intravenous drug admixture services and hospital preparation manufacturing. Pharmacy section includes outpatient pharmacy, outpatient herbs pharmacy, inpatient dispenser, drug storehouse, pharmacy intravenous admixture services, general drug preparation room, traditional Chinese medicine preparation room, clinical pharmacy room and office of clinical drug trial. There are 150 staffs in pharmacy department, with an average age of 31 years old, including 1 post-doctoral, 1 PhD, 6 Masters, 25 Bachelors. The annual output value of drugs is 450 million Yuan, and the homemade hospital preparation is 7 million Yuan; daily intravenous preparation of clinical medicines is 5500 groups. It monitors 30 clinical departments of clinical drug, completes more than 130 clinical trials of drugs and medical devices, and is undertaking 5 pharmaceutical research projects with a total funding of more than 100 million Yuan.

Outpatient pharmacy
    Outpatient pharmacy is responsible for providing chemical, biological agents and other drugs for outpatients¨ prescriptions. There are 13 staffs, containing one pharmacist in charge, three pharmacists, eight assistant pharmacists and one casual worker. Outpatient pharmacy has windows for soldiers, night windows, the windows for intestinal drug, exceptionally. Drugs are dispensed strictly, in accordance with the "Four reviews 10 checking". Outpatient pharmacy also carries out medication advisory services.

Outpatient herbs pharmacy
    Outpatient herbs pharmacy is mainly responsible for dispensing Chinese traditional patent drugs and herbs for outpatient. There are 8 staffs in this department, including an associate chief pharmacist, two pharmacists in-charge, a pharmacist, two assistant pharmacists and two casual laborers. The window waiters all have the pharmacist¨s qualification in grasping the principles of determining the treatment based on different symptoms and signs, and have intimate abundance knowledge of drugs. The drugs are classified on the intensive shelves, with the "ternary defenses" measures. For the convenience of patients, we offer decoction service.

Inpatient Dispenser
     It is responsible for the overall inpatients¨ drugs deployment. There are 17 staffs working in this department, of which, one is pharmacist in-charge, eight are pharmacists, six are assistant pharmacists, and two are casual laborers. The movement of QI circulation ensures drugs transmission to ensure drug supply promptly.

Clinical drug admixture center
     Clinical drug admixture center contains pharmacy intravenous admixture services and oral drugs dispensing center. The formula is mainly responsible for deployments for inpatient¨ prescriptions. Checking rational use of drugs, admix Turing intravenous drugs, packaging single-dose, delivery regular drugs are integrated services of clinical drug admixture center. At present, the technical level of intravenous admixture service is in leading position; the amount of daily preparations is first in our country. Clinical drug admixture center own an imported oral drug automatic oral drug dispensing system and PTS, the former is responsible for packaging single-dose drugs, the latter supplies drug¨s delivery conveniently and quickly .We set the work mode combining oral and injectable pharmaceuticals and put forward the concept of clinical drug distribution center firstly.

Drug storehouse
     Drug storehouse is responsible for purchasing, storing and supplying chemicals for the whole hospital. Drug storehouse formulates purchasing plans of drug kinds and quantities abiding by purchase policy of our country and ensure to supply the requirement. There are 7 employees in drug storehouse, including one pharmacist in-charge, 3 pharmacists, 2 assistant pharmacists and one casual worker.

General drug preparation room
     General preparation room is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of the ordinary oral drug, external agents and exploitation, applying for new pharmaceuticals formulation. Manufacturing areas are divided into topical drug preparation workshop, oral drug preparation workshop, ophthalmic drug preparations workshop and the whole area is 570 m2, the equipments are very advanced and in line with the GMP standards. In 2005, the general drug preparation room passed the inspection of the production approval by the army. General preparation room is able to produce 124 manufacturing species with an annual output value of 3 million Yuan. There are 7 staffs, containing 2 pharmacists in-charge, 2 assistant pharmacists and 3 casual workers.

Chinese medicine preparation room
     Chinese medicine preparation room is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of Chinese drugs pharmaceutics, the exploitation and reporting of new Chinese medicine. The manufacturing area is 800 m2the equipment is very advanced and in line with the GMP standards. In 2005, the general preparation room passed the inspection of the production approval replacement by the army. Chinese medicine preparation room is able to produce dosage forms of mixture, oral liquid, capsule agents with 24 manufacturing species and an annual output value of 4 million Yuan. There are 6 staffs in the Chinese medicine preparation room, containing 1 associate chief pharmacist, 1 pharmacist in charge, 2 pharmacists and 3 casual workers.

Quality Inspecting Room
     Quality Inspection Room provides quality control agents to protect the safety of clinical drug mission. Its main duties are: to formulate and amend internal control standards and testing practices, to establish titrations and other systems of related equipments, apparatus, reagents, test solutions, standards (or reference substances), to sample, test, stay kind of preparation products and issue the inspection reports, to monitor clean room or district of dust number and microorganisms; to evaluate of the quality and stability of the finished products, to determine preparation period. There are 4 staffs in this room, containing one pharmacist in charge, one pharmacist, one assistant pharmacist and one casual worker.

Clinical Pharmacy Room
     The responsibility of Clinical Pharmacy Room is to adjust and analysis all the drug use of the whole hospital, to inspect clinical rational use of drugs and to consult the message of pharmacy service work. Its major work is evaluating the prescription, participating clinical rounds, writing drug undergo. Consulting for the treatment of the heavy patient and taking responsibility to write "DAPING PHARMACY". There are six staffs in this department, of which, two of pharmacist in-charge, three is assistant pharmacist.

Award of Department.
Collective third class, 2005
Advanced unite in university, 2007
Advanced unite in hospital, 2008
Advanced unite in army adverse drug reaction monitoring, 2010
Academic Achievements
One National Natural Science Foundation program
One State "created a major new drug" , an army major project
One Army Chinese medical research project
Three Chongqing Municipal Health Bureau research projects
One Scientific and technological project of Chongqing

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