Department of Nutrition

    The department of Nutrition was built up in 1993 and now has 16 professional technical personnel on clinical nutrition including one professor and chief physician, one lecturer and attending physician, one MD and two masters. We take enteral nutrition therapy as our work priority, nutrition metabolism and supporting of traumatic or tumor patients as our research direction. Meanwhile we actively carry out nutritional researches and educations on the public. Now our department has been a comprehensive working system of nutrition combined with clinical teaching, clinical treatment, basic experimental research, nutritional food research, clinical enteral nutrition preparation and nutrition consulting together. Since 2001 we have published 39 research papers with 32 in the CSCD and 1 in the SCI.
  We have carried out characteristic enteral nutrition supporting to benefit more than 4,000 critically ill patients since 2000. Our preparation has worked well, especially on the elder and those with gastrointestinal disorder, surgical trauma or constipation. Combining our clinical experience with modern nutrition theory and techniques, we manufactured an enteral nutrition products "San jiu quan ying su", which was marketed in 2004. It has been approved effective after being applied in many hospitals across the country.

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