Department of Medical Engineering

Department of Medical Engineering was founded in Jan, 1986, named primitively Department of Equipment and Material which was renamed as Department of Medical Engineering in Jul, 2009.In order to meet the development needs of the domestic and foreign clinic medical engineering according to the institutes heads of instruction.There are 2 servicemen1 non-commission civilian, and about 18 people on contract including 3 senior engineers.There are Purchase & Supplying Group, Equipment Maintenance Group, and Clinical Engineering Research Center etc. The Purchase & Supplying Group is mainly responsible for the equipments and medical consumables planning, purchasing, supplying and management. Equipment Maintenance Group is responsible for the instruments installation, check and accept, measurement, quality control, maintenance and scrapped equipments. Meanwhile it is responsible for hospital radiation safety, machining, repair of refrigeration equipment for medical, hospital oxygen, negative pressure, air pressure, logistics systems, air purification systems and other equipment and facilities protection work.Clinical Engineering Research Center is mainly responsible for research and development of medical equipment from the institutes demand ,scientific research guidance and academic exchanges.
Within the constitution of 32 years , under the correct leadership of party committees and the care & support of various departments, every member worked hard together, adhering to the "dedication service for clinical departments" service concept ,which provided a strong guarantee for the smooth development of the institutes of clinic, teaching, and research work,ensured to protect the safety and effectiveness of hospital medical equipment.As of 2012, the institutes of equipment nearly 20,000 sets, total value was over 10 billion, which was more than doubled compare to the same period in 2008.It had PET / CT, 3.0TMRI,full femtosecond laser therapy instrument and so on,there was more than one million large equipment of 108 sets.Equipment overall configuration is equal to domestic first-class level and international standards.
In Chongqing our department took the lead in carrying out supplies of intensive management, online purchase / apply for service and high value consumables code management, to ensure the accurate traceability,which improved management level of quality security of supplies.among three hospital of the third military medical university took the lead in carrying out hospital equipment management based on risk classification, PM and online repair services.Our department in the national health system of medical engineering department worked in the upstream level.
In recent years, the department has made great progress in institutionalized, standardized construction. According to the leadership requirement, our department has introduced ISO9001 quality management system and JCI standard of International Hospital.Among them, in 2012 passed the ISO9001 quality management system first surveillance audit,And received praise in the army hospital grade evaluation. Meanwhile,Departments focus on discipline construction, sped up the personnel training and the introduction. Department was formed academic research team by the senior engineers and technical backbone , hosted in the research of provincial level scientific research topic 2 items, active applying for patents, gradually carried out the transformation of achievements, and was responsible for 2 undergraduate theory teaching of professional course,practice training and other teaching task, subject characteristics has increased a lot. According to the "two wins" guiding thought, accelerated the transformation of management pattern,achieved department span type development.

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